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316 Stainless Steel Plate

TCI Precision Metals is a value-added stainless steel distributor; we source mill-direct and process materials to your exact specifications, delivering Machine-Ready Blanks that are ready to go from receiving directly into your machining centers. 316 stainless steel plate is excellent for harsh environment applications, including marine, chemical and industrial. High-quality 316 stainless steel plate from TCI Precision Metals is designed to hold up.

316 stainless steel plate is an austenitic alloy with increased nickel and molybdenum content that demonstrates superior corrosion-resistant properties. It provides excellent high temperature tensile, creep and stress-rupture strength, as well as outstanding formability and weldability. This material type has lower carbon content than other alloys, making it very popular for heavy-gauge welded applications.

Applications for 316 Plate

  • Marine applications
  • Industrial equipment
  • Exposure to corrosive chemicals
  • High chloride exposure
  • Laboratory instruments
  • Rubber and plastic manufacturing processes
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Heat exchangers
  • Coastal area structures
  • Liquid processing equipment
  • Condensers, evaporators, and tanks
  • Food processing equipment
  • Architectural
  • Aerospace parts


  • Standard thickness ranges from .190 to 1.000 inches
  • Non-standard thicknesses up to 6.000 inches


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