Machine-Ready Services

Offload Material Prep and Other Time Consuming Processes

TCI Precision Metals helps busy shops get leaner, reduce cycle time and increase throughput by helping them eliminate material preparation and other time consuming processes.

  • Machine-Ready Material Preparation using efficient precision sawing, duplex-milling, Blanchard and double-disc grinding produces close tolerance material that’s ready for finish machining. Features can be added or extensive material removed as part of the process, which can save even more time during final machining
  • Machine-Ready CNC eliminates time consuming processes that tend to slow production, including roughing down, hogging or adding features to castings and solid parts
  • Machine-Ready Blanks start from wholesale material sourced ‘mill-direct’ and pre-machined to close tolerances, ready to load directly into your CNC machining centers

Getting Machine-Ready lets you get right to the high value process of finish machining.  Choosing Machine-Ready products and services that best support your busy shop will reduce overall cycle time, accelerate throughput and provide a leaner, more efficient production environment.


Limit your inventory by having TCI make your parts when you need them. After an initial blanket order is received, TCI uses its ERP system to determine when the next batch of parts is ready to run. This ensures you get your parts when you need them, no sooner, no later.

Vendor Managed Inventory

If you’re concerned that our Just-In-Time (JIT) system may not fit your ever-changing demand, TCI will produce and stock your finished goods, releasing them as you need them.

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Rough CNC Milling, Turning

Rough down or hog out large amounts of material, which reduces finish machining time. LEARN MORE

Finish CNC Milling, Turning

Complete-to-print finish machined parts, including sub assembly and managed inventory. LEARN MORE

Duplex Milling

Duplex milling removes material from two sides at the same time, producing dimensionally square parts.  LEARN MORE


Blanchard and Double-Disc grinding provides close tolerance, flat, stress free material with superior finish. LEARN MORE

Flattening, Straightening and Finishing

Hydraulic, mechanical and abrasive flattening, straightening and high quality finishing to 600 grit. LEARN MORE

Precision Sawing

Precision sawing of plate and sheet to within +/-.005” and squareness to within .0005” per linear inch. LEARN MORE

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