Contract Machining Services

Contract Machining Services

Offload Complex Machining

TCI specializes in complex, high-production CNC Machining. Although a very different business model than our Machine-Ready Blanks, we have decades of experience helping shops offload machine hours. Our Contract Machining Services include CNC turning, CNC milling, sawing, grinding and flattening. Whether your material our ours, we specialize in:

  • Rough CNC Machining – Let us take a tremendous load off of your shop capacity, while we rough or hog your parts down to a near-net shape – ready for you to finish machine.
  • Finish CNC Machining – With over a dozen high-tech, high-precision machining centers, we can finish the parts if you’d like.
  • Castings and Forgings – We have a niche in working with castings and forgings. Our engineering team will design fixtures and tooling and machine to your rough or precision specifications.
  • Medium to Large Parts – Whether the size of a piece of paper, or a 6000# casting, we have the machines and infrastructure to handle the demand.

Kanban, JIT and Vendor Managed Inventory

Limit your inventory by having TCI make your parts ahead of time, and ship them when you need them. After an initial blanket order or LTA (Long Term Agreement) is received, TCI uses its MRP system to determine when the next batch of parts is ready to run. This ensures you get your parts when you need them, no sooner, no later.

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