Machine-Ready Blanks from TCI Precision Metals at BIOMEDevice, Booth 426

Reduce Setup Time, Improve Production Throughput, Reduce Scrap.

TCI Precision Metals will be showing its precision Machine-Ready Blanks capabilities to customers at BIOMEDevice 2016, San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, CA, December 7th – 8th, booth 426.

“Machine-Ready Blanks from TCI Precision Metals help shops increase throughput up to 25% allowing them to ship finished parts fast and get paid quicker,” said John Belzer, CEO.  With a single purchase order customers receive custom precision blanks ready to load directly into their CNC machining centers.  Precision blanks eliminate the need for in-house sawing, grinding, flattening, squaring operations and outside processing.  Each blank arrives deburred, clean and to customer specifications – guaranteed as close as +/- .0005” dimensionally and as close as .0002” flatness, squareness, and parallelism.  “Customers can use the time they previously spent in setup and prep for more productive use of CNC machining centers, adding to their bottom line profitability.  And with our ability to consistently produce close tolerance, flat blanks, part movement is reduced, improving overall quality, added Belzer.”

TCI Precision Metals (formerly TCI Aluminum) was founded in 1956. A third-generation family-owned business, TCI provides customers with an array of Machine-Ready Solutions designed to increase manufacturing efficiency and reduce overall cycle time. TCI accomplishes this by providing wholesale ‘value-added’ material that is ready for production machining, and intermediate machining services aimed at custom material preparation, roughing down parts, hog outs, and adding features, all so customers can get right to the high value process of finish machining, which greatly reduces their overall cycle time.  Complete-to-print components can also be produced.

TCI is a warehouse plate and sheet distributor for Alcoa, Kaiser and Hulamin Aluminum, including 6061, 2024 or 7075 aluminum plate and sheet, stainless steel plate and several other alloys, TCI stocks over 500,000 lbs. of material for quick turn-around on customer requirements.

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