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Custom Machine Ready-Blanks

Custom Machine-Ready Blanks ™

Precision Blanks from stainless steel or other alloys that are custom cut, ground and milled to close tolerances LEARN MORE

Standard Machine-Ready Blanks

Standard Machine-Ready Blanks ™

Standard size Blanks from stainless steel or other alloys that are produced and ready to ship within 24-hours LEARN MORE

Dovetail Machine-Ready Blanks

Dovetail Machine-Ready Blanks ™

Custom produced Blanks with dovetail feature designed to work with all 4-and 5-axis dovetail workholding fixtures LEARN MORE

Manifold Machine-Ready Blanks

Manifold Machine-Ready Blanks ™

Custom Manifold Blanks match the outside dimensions of the finish part with a superior surface finish of 16 – 25 RMS LEARN MORE

Feature-added Machine-Ready Blanks

Feature-added Machine-Ready Blanks ™

Custom Blanks from stainless steel or other alloys that include one or more added features – from basic to finish parts LEARN MORE

Vacuum Workholding Solutions

Precision Vise Jaws

Both hardened and soft vise jaws in a variety of materials, including aluminum, steel, other alloys, polyurethane and more.