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TCI Precision Metals

Machine-Ready for Three Generations

TCI Precision Metals (formerly TCI Aluminum) was founded in 1956 by Burt Belzer and two partners. 66 years later, it is a third-generation led, family-owned business, with a focus on customer partnerships and strong core values. Our dedication to our early motto “Good Parts. On Time. Period.” drives our decisions every day to be the best supplier and partner we can.

The early days of TCI saw us selling handles, knobs, fasteners, tool steel, and tooling specialties. Almost immediately after founding, we built an aluminum plate saw to produce tooling plates to hang our tooling hardware on. In the coming years TCI has added Blanchard grinding, double-disc grinding, duplex milling, a vast array of sawing equipment, finishing equipment and high-precision CNC equipment.

In 1956, we also patented our own line of threaded inserts called E-Z LOK. This line of inserts is designed for use in soft metals like aluminum, magnesium, and cast iron. The E-Z LOK design allows users to repair damaged or worn out threads without the need for special taps or installation tools. Over the years this brand has expanded to include inserts for wood and plastic, as well as a line of helical inserts for metal.

John and Ben Belzer - Blanchard Grinding

John and Ben Belzer

Our Core Values


Protecting the health of employees, customers and our environment.


Deliver what we promise. Meeting or exceeding internal and external customer expectations.


Listen, understand and value others. Treat others how you wish to be treated.


Keeping promises. Knowing and doing what is right.


Taking ownership for behavior and decisions. Be reliable and accountable to others.


Work together and share ideas to achieve common goals.


Organized, clean and functional. No waste.


Enjoy yourself and help others do the same.

United Way

Giving Back

TCI has been actively involved with the NTMA for over 40 years. During most of this time, TCI’s owner’s John and Ben Belzer have spent decades volunteering, both as Chapter Presidents of the LA/NTMA and John as the Chairman for NTMA in 2001. Giving back to the industry at large is privilege and an honor.

TCI has also been actively giving back to its community through the United Way. We encourage all of our employees to give what they can, to help those in need.

TCI Precision Metals
Gardena, California