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Metal Grinding Services

Dimensions processed:

  • Blanchard – 120” corner-to-corner max
  • Double-Disc – 625 sq. in. max

Blanchard Grinding

Ideal for grinding large parts or multiple parts at the same time, Blanchard Grinding quickly removes material from one side of a part at a time as close as +/- .001” and can produce surface finishes as fine as 16Ra. Specially designed proprietary work-holding allows TCI to Blanchard grind thin, hard to hold parts. Our metal grinding services provide a flat, stress-free part, ready for final machining.

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Double-Disc Grinding

Grinding two sides of the part at the same time reduces costs by 50% and produces superior dimensional tolerances, parallelism and flatness to +/-.0002” with a surface finish of 16Ra on aluminum and 8Ra on ferrous alloys. Double-Disc Grinding alleviates internal material stress, which reduces part movement during final machining.

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Surface Grinding

Surface grinding is a finishing process that uses a rotating abrasive wheel to smooth the flat surface of materials to give them a close tolerance dimension as well as a more refined finish. TCI’s surface grinding capability allows us to hold very close, precision tolerances.

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You Stock or Ours

TCI Precision Metals is a mill-direct wholesale plate and sheet distributor and can deliver precision cut parts to your specifications. We also welcome customer supplied material. Let TCI quote your next sawing requirement. We will source the material and saw cut, or provide additional Grinding, or Duplex Milling as required.

Let TCI quote your next grinding requirement. We will source the material, cut, and provide additional Duplex Milling as required.

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