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Shallow Trepanning

When people think about trepanning they typically envision large, deep, round holes or hollowing of bar stock, but at TCI Precision Metals we provide a variation of trepanning, using plate stock, that we call Shallow Trepanning.

At TCI Precision Metals we use our method of shallow trepanning in the production of precision Feature-Added Machine-Ready Blanks, for example, when customer specifications require plate stock with large diameter holes or circle features, machined to close tolerances. Round flat blanks with a through or blind hole, concentric rings, and discs are all considered trepanned parts.

TCI provides shallow trepanning using plate stock:

  • Aluminum, stainless steel and other alloys
  • Weight reduction in finished parts
  • Pistons or cylinders
  • Fluid ports
  • Seals and more

Rough CNC Milling & Turning

TCI’s Rough CNC Milling & Turning services are designed for roughing down billets, plates, castings or forgings, by hogging out large amounts of material. TCI will pre-machine (saw, grind, duplex mill) material, then add features and other intermediate machining processes as specified. Having TCI Precision Metals do the initial CNC prep work helps you be more efficient in your shop by allowing you to focus on the high-value of finish machining, including 5-axis and 3D contouring. Rough CNC machined parts arrive ready to load directly into your CNC machining centers.

Precision Chip Removal (Hog Out)

Rough CNC Milling and Turning by TCI:

  • Material: 7050-T7651 Aluminum
  • Part Type: 787 Bulkhead Hog Out
  • Industry: Aerospace
  • Application: Saw cut, ground, and then removed 90% of the parts weight in chips. Customer then used 5-axis machine to finish

Round to square

When all that's available is round stock, TCI's proprietary process and specialized equipment makes quick work turning round stock into square.

Whether you need full length bar, or cut pieces, our Duplex Mills are designed to cut two sides at once, ensuring the final product is square and parallel.

Kanban, JIT and Vendor Managed Inventory

Limit your inventory by having TCI make your parts ahead of time, and ship them when you need them. After an initial blanket order or LTA (Long Term Agreement) is received, TCI uses its MRP system to determine when the next batch of parts is ready to run. This ensures you get your parts when you need them, no sooner, no later.