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Made-To-Order Metal Blanks

When you need made-to-order metal blanks, there’s no better option than TCI Precision Metals. We specialize in creating blanks for a wide range of industries, custom-cut and finished to your specifications. Our made-to-order custom aluminum plate is cut quickly and efficiently to reduce waste and downtime, getting the product in your hands as fast as possible.

When you choose made-to-order metal blanks from us, you’re getting products that are customized to your exact specifications. This level of precision ensures that each blank meets the needs of your specific application, which helps you produce higher-quality products with upgraded efficiency. Our machine-ready blanks are made to order and eliminate the need for any additional cutting or machining on your end, which cuts down on production time and costs.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your needs and provide you with personalized solutions. With a wide range of materials from aluminum to stainless steel, and other alloys, we can create blanks in various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses.

Working with TCI Precision Metals for milling blanks is an excellent way to equip yourself with high-quality precision materials. Our advanced machinery helps you avoid burrs, rough edges, and other imperfections on the surface of your blanks.


What Are Machine-Ready Blanks

Flatness - Why it is Important

Calling Out Flatness and Parallelism Specifications On Your Print

We pride ourselves on top-notch customer service, reliability, and quick turnaround times. Choose us to streamline your production process, boost efficiency, and reduce waste in your facility. Our team is always nearby if you require any assistance with your order.

If you’re interested in learning more about our made-to-order metal blanks, TCI Precision Metals is just a phone call away. When you have questions, comments, or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out—that’s what our customer service team is here for! We’re looking forward to working with you, so call us today.


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Custom Machine-Ready Blanks are custom-made to your net specifications.  You provide the sizes, tolerances and quantities, and we'll make to order.

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Feature-Added Machine-Ready Blanks

Feature-Added Blanks are designed to save you even more time by including custom features, like hogouts, holes, threaded holes, 3D milling, dovetails, heat treating, coatings, and more

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Dovetail Machine-Ready Blanks

Ideal for 5-axis jobs. Ready to ‘Load, Lock and Go’ Directly into Your Raptor, 5th Axis or other Dovetail Workholding Fixtures

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Manifold Machine-Ready Blanks

Perfect for fluid power applications. Machine-Ready Manifold Blanks match the outside dimensions of your finish part and are ready to load directly into your CNC machining center.

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