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Feature-added Machine-Ready Blanks ™

CNC Precision Milled and Turned Features

Feature-Added Machine-Ready Blanks ™ are milled or turned to the same tight tolerances as Custom Blanks, but include one or more customer specified features.

Typical added features include:

  • Large amount of material removal: hogging pockets, steps and windows
  • Chamfers and Beveled Edges
  • Holes and Threaded Holes
  • Dovetails
  • Contours and 3D Milling
  • Radii and Other Turned Surfaces

By allowing TCI to add these features to your Machine-Ready Blanks, it will not only save time, but also reduce wear and tear on your equipment. When Feature-added Machine-Ready Blanks arrive in your shop, less in-house machine time is required. Specify a single added feature or multiple features – all the way to a finished part if required.

Example on left:

  • Material: 6061-T651 Aluminum
  • Blank Dimensions: 6.060″ x 18.000″ x 29.540″
  • Tolerances: +/-.005″-.000″, Square Within& .005″
  • Added Features: Milled Steps 1.340″ x 4.740″ x 29.540″
  • Application: Reduction of hours of hogging per part. Customer is able to locate of stepped surfaces for final machining.
You Stock or Ours

TCI Precision Metals is a mill-direct wholesale plate and sheet distributor and can deliver precision cut parts to your specifications. We also welcome customer supplied material. Let TCI quote your next sawing requirement. We will source the material and saw cut, or provide additional Grinding, or Duplex Milling as required.

Let TCI quote your next duplex milling requirement. We will source the material, cut, and provide additional Grinding as required.