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From material supply to pre-machined blanks, we have you covered.

At TCI Precision Metals, we provide a range of precision metals services, including close tolerance sawing, water jet cutting, duplex milling, double-disc grinding, Blanchard grinding, flattening, and finishing. We proudly provide total quality and efficiency to meet your individual needs.

Our metals services combine technology and expertise to deliver the highest level of accuracy and quality. Our machine operators are as much artisans as they are technicians, producing custom materials to tight tolerances.

As a value-added materials distributor, we can provide the raw materials for processing or use customer-supplied materials.

Our computer-controlled plate saw, open tolerance saws, and precision cut-off saws, combined with two advanced water jet cutting machines, provide cutting accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility to maximize quality while minimizing scrap.

We utilize various techniques for our precision metal grinding services, including Blanchard grinding, which effectively produces large flat parts, and double-disc grinding, which removes material from both sides of a part at the same time. This produces uniform parts that are flat and parallel and that resist part movement during finished machining.

Our duplex milling services efficiently cut material from two sides at the same time to square up single parts or multiple stacked parts in a single operation.

TCI Metals’ finishing services enhance the end appearance and functionality of your parts. From deburring to polishing to texturing, your parts will meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

When you choose TCI Precision Metals to cut, grind, or finish your materials, you’ll benefit from our commitment to excellent customer service.

To learn more about any of our metals services, contact us today!

TCI is a warehouse distributor for Alcoa, Kaiser and Hulamin Aluminum, with over 500,000 lb. of plate and sheet on-hand. We will source any other material as required.
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Cuts a wide range of materials and thicknesses, from metals and composites to glass and plastics.
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Blanchard Grinding (Rotary Surface Grinding), quickly removes large amounts of stock quickly and efficiently.
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Duplex milling efficiently removes material from two sides at the same time. This process produces dimensionally square parts as close as .0002” while reducing machining costs by 50% or more.
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Flattening, straightening and high quality finishing services are provided by TCI through an array of hydraulic, mechanical and abrasive machines, producing close tolerances with superior finishes to 600 grit.
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