Orders and Shipping

How long will it take to ship my items?

Online store items will typically ship in three business days, with many items shipping next day.  Larger orders may take extra time.  Custom orders placed directly with TCI's sales team, will vary depending on quantity and availability.

Can I be put on payment terms?

Online store items are sold through distribution, and require online credit card payment.  No terms are available.

Custom orders, placed directly with TCI, will be subject to custom pricing, and terms are available, pending credit check.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we only sell to US customers.  Please contact us directly for international orders.

When will my product be delivered?

Online Store items ship via your choice of carrier from Gardena, CA. Lead times are available on the site as estimates. For custom orders, our Sales Team will work with you on choice of shipping method.

What is TCI's return policy?

Please see our Terms and Conditions.

Is there a minimum order amount?

For Online Store items, TCI’s minimum is $25.00 (before tax and shipping). For custom orders, we typically require a $250.00 minimum.

Where will my product ship from?

All products ship from our main location in Gardena, CA.

Can I order a custom size from the Online Store?

No.  Sizes shown are stocked items.  Should you require a custom size, we'd be happy to quote.

Can I pick-up or will-call?

Custom orders can be will-called.  All Online Store sales will be delivered via ground freight or parcel.

Can I use my own freight collect account?

Yes.  Freight collect can be used for custom orders.  Collect accounts cannot yet be used for Online Store orders.

Why does pricing differ through distribution?

We have partnered with several distributors.  Each distributor has control of their own pricing.

Product Info

Are Material Test Reports available?
  • For all precision blanks, test reports are always included at no charge.
  • Vise Jaws do not come with test reports.
What is the difference between 2-sided and 6-sided precision blanks?

Our 2-Side Precision Blanks are ground or milled on the thickness only, whereas our 6-Side Precision Blanks are tight-tolerance on all sides/dimensions.

What if I need a custom size or tolerance?

No problem!  Please use our Quote Request Form and we’ll provide a customized quote, typically same day.

Can you handle large quantity or production orders?

No problem!  Please use our Quote Request Form and we’ll provide a customized quote, typically same day.

Company Info

How long has TCI been in business?

TCI has been in business since 1956. Learn more here.

How secure is the online shop? Is my data protected?

View TCI’s Privacy Policy