War in Ukraine

As Americans, we are truly free and will defend that right at all costs.  For me personally, watching what is taking place in Ukraine emphasizes just how precious this right is.  The people of Ukraine have lived both ways, previously under the oppressive rule of a... Read More >

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” This quote can be traced back to Abraham Lincoln, a wise man indeed.  The premise is sound and supports a bias for action to realize opportunity, or even the notion of build it and they will come.  In today’s... Read More >

Materials Shortages

These are strange times we are living through for sure, with seemingly new challenges around every corner.  So, the current global supply chain issue should not be a big surprise for any of us.  How we choose to handle it is another thing; we can all panic and let... Read More >

Cycle Time Vs. the Bottom Line – You be the judge

I find it interesting to hear how different shops quantify investments in new technology, equipment, and emerging processes that promise to reduce cycle time, increase spindle time, or otherwise provide improvement to the status quo of production machining. Anything... Read More >

Growth in 5-Axis Machining

The 5-Axis machine sales continues to grow yearly, boasting a Compound Annual Growth Rate of almost 7 percent, and for good reason – Efficiency While typical CNC machines move in 3-axes (X, Y, and Z), 5-axis machines add two rotary axes, which opens up many more... Read More >


Remember back when your customers could only pick two of the three?  Well, welcome to 2021 where customers now expect to get their cake and eat it too.  There are still remnants of this model in the market, mainly to cost justify expediting a job- ‘if you want it Good... Read More >