Flat Machine-Ready Blanks Reduce Part Movement

Many of the close tolerance Machine-Ready Blanks we produce at TCI Precision Metals are flat and designed to stay that way.  Demand for flat material that resists movement during machining is high for two reasons, one, part movement can turn parts into scrap, and two,... Read More >

Better Together

Yep, that about sums it up for me.  I tend to be pragmatic about most things, but when it comes to the power and resolve of the human spirit, I am highly optimistic.  In our lifetime we have met many challenges head-on and have gotten through them, together.  The... Read More >

Near Net Size Pre-Machined Materials

Make or Buy? Near net size pre-machined materials, or what we refer to as Machine-Ready Blanks, are designed to increase the efficiency of production machining by eliminating material prep.  Machine-Ready Blanks can be virtually any size or shape and can include added... Read More >

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