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Happy Holidays

As we close out 2023, I find myself, yet again, compelled to pause and reflect on another year’s journey.  This year’s canvas was painted with a myriad of challenges and experiences for our manufacturing community but also splashed with more world news and topics that we couldn’t have foreseen. A very smart man (my dad) […]

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Materials Considerations for CNC Clamping and Tooling Fixtures

Learn how to choose the right materials for your CNC clamping and tooling fixtures and understand their importance in ensuring optimal performance.

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The Importance of Lubrication in Metalworking

Explore the role of lubrication in metalworking. From reducing friction to enhancing quality, read on to discover why you should never overlook this element.

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Material Tips for Optimizing CNC Machining of Aluminum Plate

Dive deep into CNC machining of aluminum plate. Harness the power of optimization with our top four invaluable tips for precision and efficiency.

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How Temperature Affects the Metal Machining Process

Explore the profound impact of temperature on metal machining. From material integrity to tool lifespan, discover the role of heat in machining excellence.

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5 Ways To Improve Sustainability in Metalworking

Discover practical strategies to improve sustainability in metalworking. Let’s make metalworking greener, from resource management to renewable energy.

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The Power of Positioning

Planting a positioning stake in the ground signifies who you are as a company and cements a commitment to your customers.  Manufacturing companies that do this are guided by the process and tend to be much more cohesive in how they communicate both internally and externally. Essentially, you are staking a claim about what you […]

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5-Axis Machining - A Form of Automation

5-axis machining is a form of automation. Traditional machining methods often involve manually operating machines, where the operator must move and adjust the workpiece and the cutting tool. This process can be time-consuming and error-prone, leading to inconsistencies and increased production costs. 5-axis machining takes automation to a higher level by introducing more advanced and […]

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Choosing Between 6061 vs. 2024 Aluminum Precision Blanks

Discover the key differences between 6061 and 2024 aluminum precision blanks. Learn about their properties to make an informed choice for manufacturing.

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The Difference Between Stainless Steel vs. Galvanized Steel

Explore the characteristics and applications of stainless steel and galvanized steel. Understand the differences to help you make informed decisions.

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