Near Net Size Pre-Machined Materials

Make or Buy? Near net size pre-machined materials, or what we refer to as Machine-Ready Blanks, are designed to increase the efficiency of production machining by eliminating material prep.  Machine-Ready Blanks can be virtually any size or shape and can include added... Read More >

Near-Net-Shape Manufacturing

Helps Reduce Buy-to-Fly Ratios- Buy-to-Fly Ratio (BTF) is a term used mainly by additive manufacturing suppliers to substantiate the efficiencies of 3D printing.  The BTF analogy is a good one, all things equal, but they are not.  There are many different... Read More >

California Waterjet Cutting Services

Waterjet Cutting TCI Precision Metals offers precision waterjet cutting services using the lasted precision CAD cut abrasive jet technology available. Our Omax 80X waterjet machine with patented Tilt-A-Jet head provides precision finished edge cuts that are guaranteed... Read More >

Focus on Being Productive Instead of Busy

Helping our customers do more in less time is what we are all about at TCI Precision Metals, but sometimes even we need to be reminded that without efficiency, busy is not always better.  The old adage of ‘we’ve always done it that way’ no longer applies. Today we... Read More >

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