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Pizza Anyone?

With qualifying production quote, request a FREE made-to-order sample Blank, and we will include a voucher for a FREE made-to-order pizza along with your sample. More and more manufacturers are looking for a pizza-like ordering experience when it comes to buying parts.  They want selection, flexibility, fast replies to RFQs, and quick turnaround on finished […]

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From the Customers’ Point-of-View, What Are You? -- copy

We all spend a lot of time refining our 30-second elevator pitch and getting to know our customers’; what products and features are important to them, what are their delivery preferences, are there any administrative nuances that need to be considered, etc., but how do our customers’ perceive us overall?  In their eyes, what real […]

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Companies committed to lean manufacturing can not just 'set it and forget it.’

Okay, I’ll say it, the answer is management.  Companies committed to lean manufacturing can not ‘just set it and forget it.’  Process mapping must be continuous, locating and squeezing inefficiency out of every step, while improving yield and overall quality.  Effective process management is challenged everyday by new technologies, innovative workflows and improved material handling. […]

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Flat Machine-Ready Blanks Reduce Part Movement

Many of the close tolerance Machine-Ready Blanks we produce at TCI Precision Metals are flat and designed to stay that way.  Demand for flat material that resists movement during machining is high for two reasons, one, part movement can turn parts into scrap, and two, creating flat material, on your shop floor, that resists movement is harder […]

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Rapid Response - Standard Machine-Ready Blanks Ship Same Day or Next Day

We continue to support the needs of national health and safety, and critical infrastructure by providing near net size machine-ready materials designed to reduce the production time of essential products.  In the spirit of our Rapid Response Program, which gives priority to all parts associated with essential products, we recommend and encourage customers to consider […]

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Better Together

Yep, that about sums it up for me.  I tend to be pragmatic about most things, but when it comes to the power and resolve of the human spirit, I am highly optimistic.  In our lifetime we have met many challenges head-on and have gotten through them, together.  The current situation is no different, we […]

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Near Net Size Pre-Machined Materials

[et_pb_section][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type="4_4"][et_pb_text] Make or Buy? Near net size pre-machined materials, or what we refer to as Machine-Ready Blanks, are designed to increase the efficiency of production machining by eliminating material prep.  Machine-Ready Blanks can be virtually any size or shape and can include added features, but typically they are square, rectangular or round stock milled […]

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Near-Net-Shape Manufacturing

Helps Reduce Buy-to-Fly Ratios- Buy-to-Fly Ratio (BTF) is a term used mainly by additive manufacturing suppliers to substantiate the efficiencies of 3D printing.  The BTF analogy is a good one, all things equal, but they are not.  There are many different manufacturing methods available today, each with inherent strengths and weaknesses.  One of the tenets […]

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Looking for a reason to reinvest in your Company? Here’s six.

Improve working conditions for your employee’s health and safety. Reduce your Company’s footprint on the environment, including energy consumption, process improvement, and material handling. Shorten turnaround time on customer orders. Increase capacity and efficiency to better support customers. Expand capabilities to increase your value to customers. Improve quality by using the latest technology. Here at […]

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Maintaining Consistency - Lights-On, lights-Out or Somewhere in Between

It seems a lot of folks these days ares caught up in the promise of lights-out machining and manufacturing.  The term alone conjures up images of a dark factory, fully automated and requiring no human presence on-site. Reality is somewhere in between lights-on and lights-out, with the concept being more of a philosophy than a […]

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