Planting a positioning stake in the ground signifies who you are as a company and cements a commitment to your customers.  Manufacturing companies that do this are guided by the process and tend to be much more cohesive in how they communicate both internally and externally. Essentially, you are staking a claim about what you stand for and who you are as a company.

In today's fast-paced manufacturing world, customers are overwhelmed with choices. Without a clear positioning strategy, you risk blending into the sea of competitors and becoming indistinguishable. By standing for something specific, you can create an identity that resonates with customers and cultivates brand loyalty.

For example, at TCI Precision Metals, we leverage our grinding, precision sawing, waterjet cutting, flattening, and milling expertise to produce Machine-Ready Blanks. While these individual processes are essential in the production of our product, we emphasize the outcome, the Machine-Ready Blank itself. By productizing our processes and marketing the final result, we provide our customers with a turnkey solution, saving them time, money, and resources.

TCI Precision Metals is positioned as the leader in providing high-quality Machine-Ready Blanks. Instead of being just another metal services company offering various machining processes, we chose to focus on the unique value proposition of Machine-Ready Blanks. This singular focus allows TCI to be recognized as the go-to provider for this specific product, setting us apart from companies that offer a more generic range of services.

Don’t get me wrong, we still provide an excellent range of metal services, including material sourcing and value-added precision cutting, grinding, milling, flattening, and roughing. But we have chosen to position the brand around the highest value offering to our customers, Machine-Ready Blanks.

Remember, standing for something is the key to carving a meaningful place in the hearts and minds of customers, ensuring that you won't fall for anything in the dynamic world of business.


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