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Grinding, Duplex Milling, Sawing and Waterjet Equipment

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Equipment List


Duplex Mills

QuantityGrinder TypeModelCapacity
1Rotary36″ Blanchard Grinder36″ Corner-to-Corner
242″ Blanchard Grinder42″ Corner-to-Corner
360″ Blanchard Grinder60″ Corner-to-Corner
1Double-DiscGardner 23" Double-Disc Grinder305 in2
4Gardner 26" Double-Disc Grinder386 in2
2Gardner 36" Double-Disc Grinder535 in2
2Gardner 42" Double-Disc Grinder625 in2
1Gardner 2V18-24 Double-Disc GrinderSmall-Part, High-Volume Grinding
1Hanchett 214 Double-Disc Grinder16 in2
1Surface GrinderELB Perfekt 12 SPS-NK Surface Grinder18″ x 16″ x 48″
1Amada THV43016.93″W x 16.93″L x 5.91″H
1Amada THV80031.50″W x 31.50″L x 9.06″H
2Nichols Twin Mill18″ Travel
2Nichols Big Twin Duplex Mill18″ x 24″
2Burke Big Twin Duplex Mill10″ x 42″
2Burke Big Twin Duplex Mill12″ x 60″
1Cincinnati Hypowermatic Duplex Mill12″ x 84″ x 84″
2Cincinnati Hypowermatic Duplex Mill12″ x 24″ x 96″
1New Century Duplex Mill with CNC Controls24″ x 24″ x 120″


QuantityModelCutting TravelTable Size
2OMAX 80X Series with Tilt-A-Jet13’4″ x 6’8″, Z-Axis Travel 8″15’0″ x 7’5″

Precision Plate Saws

QuantityModelCutting TravelTable Size
1Schelling FM81+/-.005″6″ x 169″ X 169″
3TCI Plate Saw1+/-.005″1.125″ x 48″ x 144″

Band Saws, Cut-Off Saws and Other

2Amada HA400Horizontal Band Saw 16″ x 16″
1Do AllVertical Band Saw 36″, 8″ Max Thickness
1BettenbenderHydraulic Shear .250″ x 144″
1CTDAutomatic Cutoff Saw+/-.005″7″

Quality Assurance

Coordinate Measuring Machines1Mitutoyo BRT 1220 DCC Microcord Coordinate Measuring Machine PH9/TP200 Renishaw Probe Resolution 0.00002″ – Capacity X:48″, Y:79″, Z:40″ – MCOSMOS
1Hexagon 7525 Romer Absolute Arm 6-Axis – 0.0008″ – 8.2 ft.
1Hexagon 7530SI Romer Absolute Arm 7-Axis – 0.0017″ – 9.8 ft. With Integrated Scanner Probing
Inspection Tools1,000+Other Inspection Tools and Gages