Raptor Dovetail Fixture

Dovetail Machine-Ready Blank shown with Raptor workholding fixture

  • Material: 6061-T651 Aluminum
  • Dimensions: 2.000″ x 3.000″ x 3.000″
  • Precision dovetail to match RWP-024 fixture, including locating slot

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Dovetail Blanks for
Raptor Workholding

Ideal for 4- and 5-Axis Work

Ready to ‘Load, Lock and Go’ Directly into Your Raptor Dovetail Workholding Fixtures

Raptor Dovetail Machine-Ready Blanks are custom produced to your specifications and are Machine-Ready – order from one to thousands with quick turnaround. Each Blank comes saw-cut or tight tolerance, and includes a precision Dovetail feature to match your specified Raptor fixture model. Unwrap and load into your fixture for final machining.


  • Eliminate programming the dovetail
  • Eliminate machining prep time on an expensive machine
  • Eliminate the need for high-skilled labor
All orders include shipping – FOB customer destination

Dovetail Machine-Ready Blanks for Raptor Vises and Fixtures

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What Our Customers Have to Say

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I received my blanks today. These look beautiful. Quality product, excellent customer service, on-time delivery, and exceptional packaging… unheard of these days!! I’m anxious to start using them. Thank you for all your help on this. I’ll definitely order again.

Just want to say thanks. I recently ran a job with some blanks ordered from TCI. The blanks saved me two setups and more importantly put extra profit into my pocket. I don’t usually have the luxury of waiting to get material for a job but this time everything worked out fine. You guys rock!

Anonymous Note from Survey

I receive my material on time or early. I have to say it’s a pleasure not having to keep following up on my product and just knowing it’s going to be here when promised.

Aerospace manufacturer (Corona, CA)

Very pleased with the quality of the product and the price was very competitive even considering the cross country shipping costs.

Precision manufacturer (Philadelphia, PA)

Very happy with product (dimensions and finish), packing and shipping protection – excellent.

Tooling company (Spring, TX)

TCI is my favorite vendor to do business with! Thanks for making my life a little easier.

Medical device manufacturer (Pittsburgh, PA)

All of my suppliers should be as good as TCI! 30 years without a failure!

Custom precision machining and manufacturing plant (Louisville, KY)

We have had an excellent relationship with excellent service for 20 years.

Precision manufacturer (Louisville, KY)

Staff were all professional. Delivered quality parts on time.

Small machine shop (Spring Valley, CA)

Great quality – turned a job from a loser to a winner.

Family-owned business (St. Louis, MO)

Sales people are great to work with!

Precision manufacturer (Tucson, AZ)