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Based on the entered values of <%fieldname17_value%> parts with a raw material cost of $<%fieldname2_value%> per part, plus <%fieldname6_value%> minutes of squaring, flattening, and other prep work, at a shop rate of $<%fieldname7_value%> per hour, here are the results.

Your total time and materials to get this job ready for finished machining is costing you <%fieldname1_value%> or <%fieldname8_value%> per part. Starting your job with Machine-Ready Blanks will save you time and money while increasing your shop's capacity by <%fieldname11_value%> hours on this job alone. Here's how:
  • The <%fieldname10_value%> hours of shop time you save by eliminating material prep, plus any bottlenecks or production stoppages associated with material prep, is recovered time that can now be spent on additional high-value work.
  • Based on your entered hourly shop rate of <%fieldname12_value%> this represents a savings of <%fieldname13_value%>.
  • Value-added Machine-Ready Blanks will increase your material cost by <%fieldname14_value%> per part, which must be subtracted from the monetized time savings, leaving a net cost benefit of <%fieldname15_value%>. Add to this the benefits of eliminating material prep, improved quality, and added production capacity to fully realize the value of Machine-Ready Blanks..
  • Machine-Ready Blanks are produced to near net size, flat within .002”, thickness within .001”, and square/parallel to custom length/width as close as +/- .002”.
  • Each Machine-Ready Blank is deburred, clean, and individually packaged, ready to go directly from your receiving dock to your CNC machining center.
  • Machine-Ready Blanks can be delivered all at once or in batches, just-in-time, based on your production scheduling.
Other Machine-Ready material capabilities that can further increase your shop throughput and reduce costs include:


Prepping for Finish Machining In-House
  • <%fieldname17_value%> Parts
  • Raw material cost: $<%fieldname2_value%> ea = $<%fieldname18_value%>
  • In-house material prep time: <%fieldname6_value%> min ea = <%fieldname11_value%> hours
  • At Billable shop rate of $<%fieldname7_value%> = <%fieldname13_value%>
  • Material ready for finish machining: <%fieldname1_value%>
Cost per part: <%fieldname8_value%>
Starting the Job with Machine-Ready Blanks
  • <%fieldname17_value%> parts.
  • Machine-Ready Blanks cost: $62 ea = $6,200.
  • In-house material prep time: (0 hours).
  • Cost per part: $62 .
Improved Productivity
  • Net cost reduction: <%fieldname15_value%>.
  • Increased shop productivity without adding overhead: <%fieldname11_value%> hours saved.
  • Billable at shop rate of $<%fieldname7_value%> per hour = <%fieldname13_value%>.
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