Flattening, Straightening and Finishing

Flattening, Straightening and Finishing

Sample parts shown above:

  • Material: 5052-H32 Aluminum
  • Application: Target Plate Automotive
  • Finished Thickness: .160″ +/-.001″
  • Flatness Required: .003″

Flattening, Straightening and Finishing

High-quality Flattening, Straightening and Finishing services are provided by TCI through an array of hydraulic, mechanical and abrasive machines, producing close tolerances with superior finishes to 600 grit. By having TCI grind your material and apply our flattening process, your parts will arrive without stress, will sit flat on your fixtures, and won’t spring as you start cutting.

Flattening Metal

Flattening metal is an art-form. Our highly experienced and technical flattening team can hold parts as flat as .001″ and use state-of-the-art CMM metrology equipment to ensure quality parts. Parts then ship either interleaved with protection, or on sturdy boards, to prevent movement in transit.

Line Graining

TCI can provide a uniform surface finish for customers requiring it for scratch-free or cosmetic purposes. Our specialized machine (Timesaver) applies a uniform, one-direction pattern to the part, with use of coated abrasives. This lightly sands the material to create this uni-directional, sanded appearance.

Your Stock or Ours

TCI Precision Metals is a mill-direct wholesale plate and sheet distributor and can deliver machined parts to your specifications. We also welcome customer supplied material. Provide us with your out-of-flat material, and let us bring it to size. Let TCI flatten or straighten your next job!


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Flattening, Straightening and Finishing Equipment List

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Flattening, Straightening and Finishing

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— Tooling company (Spring, TX)

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