TCI Machine-Ready Blanks

We square them up so you don’t have to

Get right to the high value process of finish-machining by eliminating material prep

Precision – It’s in our name.

As close as:

+/- .0005″ dimensionally

.0002″ flat, square and parallel

Mill-Sourced Blanks Manufacturer

We buy mill-direct wholesale plate and sheet, and pass those savings on to you.

62 Years of Machine-Ready Solutions

We’re a private, family-run organization with strong core values and we believe our customers are our partners.

Machine-Ready is Lean-ready

Eliminate Material Prep

Shorten Setup Time

Reduce Cycle Time

Contract Machining Services

CNC Turning and Milling for:

High Production Runs

Large Parts


finish-machined components

We’ll supply the material and do the precision prep work. You finish the job.

Choose where to start:

Machine-Ready Blanks

1. Machine-Ready Blanks

Flat, square and parallel. Precision tolerance and ready to load directly into your CNC machining center.

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Machine-Ready Material Prep

2. Dovetail Blanks

We’ll prep the blank with a precision dovetail to match your brand and model of workholding fixture.

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Machine-Ready CNC

3. Near-Net Blanks

We’ll drill, bore, turn, mill, rough and hog out features to eliminate even more prep work. Let us save you time.

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Finish Machined Part

4. Finish-Machined Components

We’ll offload your entire part if you’d like. One PO adds full machining and special processing. Kanban and JIT (just in time) available.

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Our Processes:

Machine-Ready Blanks

Material Distribution and Sourcing

We have a wide selection of aluminum plate and stainless steel in stock. We can source and process any alloy.

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Machine-Ready Material Prep

Precision Plate and Bar Sawing

Precision metal saws allow us to saw within +/-.003″.

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Machine-Ready CNC

Blanchard and Double-Disc Grinding

Precision blanchard grinding and double-disc grinding provides a flat and tight tolerance part within .0002″.

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Finish Machined Part

Duplex Milling

Duplex Milling (twin milling) will keep parts uniform and square as close as +/-.0002″.

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Machine-Ready Blanks

Flattening & Straightening

Trouble holding flatness in thin plate and sheet? Our grinding and flattening processes remove the stress and holds parts flat to .001″ or better

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Machine-Ready Material Prep

CNC Roughing

Let us do the heavy lifting, of pre-machining (hogging) to a near-net shape.

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Finish Machining

CNC Finishing

High precision CNC equipment allows us to provide finished features, such as pockets, holes, and chamfers.

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About Us

TCI Precision Metals was founded in 1956. We’re a private, family-run organization with strong core values and we believe our customers are our partners. Read More

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