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TCI Precision Metals Increases Workforce

Company Growth Driven by Value-Added Solutions – TCI Precision Metals has increased its workforce by 15% over the last six months.  This is in response to increasing awareness and preference for the company’s value-added line of Machine-Ready Solutions; designed... Read More >

TCI Precision Metals Expands Machine-Ready Solutions

Feature-Added Blanks Increase Efficiency, Shorten Production Time – TCI Precision Metals has expanded its product offering of Machine-Ready Solutions to include Feature-Added Blanks, designed to deliver shops near-net Machine-Ready Blanks that include one or... Read More >


Without Adding Equipment or More Overhead –  When business is good the challenge becomes how to move more work through your shop, while maintaining profitability.   So before you run out and buy more equipment or hire additional help you should first make sure... Read More >