Customer Testimonials

“Just want to say thanks. I recently ran a job with some blanks ordered from TCI. The blanks saved me two setups and more importantly put extra profit into my pocket. I don’t usually have the luxury of waiting to get material for a job but this time everything worked out fine. You guys rock!”

– Anonymous Note from Survey

“I receive my material on time or early. I have to say it’s a pleasure not having to keep following up on my product and just knowing it’s going to be here when promised.”

– Aerospace manufacturer (Corona, CA)

“Very pleased with the quality of the product and the price was very competitive even considering the cross country shipping costs.”

– Precision manufacturer (Philadelphia, PA)

“Very happy with product (dimensions and finish), packing and shipping protection – excellent.”

– Tooling company (Spring, TX)

“TCI is my favorite vendor to do business with! Thanks for making my life a little easier.”

– Medical device manufacturer (Pittsburgh, PA)

“All of my suppliers should be as good as TCI! 30 years without a failure!”

– Custom precision machining and manufacturing plant (Louisville, KY)

“We have had an excellent relationship with excellent service for 20 years.”

– Precision manufacturer (Louisville, KY)

“Staff were all professional. Delivered quality parts on time.”

– Small machine shop (Spring Valley, CA)

“Great quality – turned a job from a loser to a winner.”

– Family-owned business (St. Louis, MO)

“Sales people great to work with!”

– Precision manufacturer (Tucson, AZ)

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