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Corporate Machine-Ready Blanks Brochure

This is a comprehensive brochure covering the complete line of Machine-Ready Blanks offered by TCI, including Custom Blanks, Standard Blanks, Dovetail Blanks, and Feature-Added Blanks.

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Custom Machine-Ready Blanks Brochure

This brochure focuses on Custom Machine-Ready Blank only, including made to order flat, round, square, and Feature-Added Blanks.

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Dovetail Machine-Ready Blanks Brochure

This brochure covers Dovetail Blanks, produced to customer size and include a custom Dovetail feature to match the specifications of the Dovetail workholding vise in use.  Note: Three brands of Dovetail workholding vises are shown, but TCI can match all Dovetail designs in use today.

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Waterjet Cutting Services Brochure

This brochure covers several key aspects of the waterjet equipment and cutting services provided by TCI.


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Vacuum Workholding Brochure

This brochure covers vacuum workholding solutions from TCI Precision Metals, which are ideal for holding flat ground Machine-Ready Blanks during machining.

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Manifold Machine-Ready Blanks Brochure

This brochure describes custom Manifold Machine-Ready Blanks available from TCI Precision Metals, which are suited for many hydraulic applications.

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TCI Precision Metals Line Card Brochure

This is a line card listing of productivity solutions available from TCI Precision Metals.

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