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In December we conducted a survey among our customers to better understand their preferences for gathering information about new products and services.  The results were interesting and some of the data proved to be counter to what you hear in the general media, but we were not surprised.  You see, for more than 60-years, we have remained successful by avoiding what the masses deem popular and focusing on what our customers’ deem popular.

“Our job is to deliver high quality, Machine-Ready Blanks, on-time, and to stay connected with our customers’ needs. Period.”

The survey results express the opinions of OEMs and Job Shops.  Two areas, in particular, are interesting: 1. Social Media; and 2.Trade Show Attendance.  As consumers, it is easy for all of us to assume social media is an important part of providing timely news and information to customers, but not so in metalworking.  Social media ranked last as a preferred media source.  Within the social media category itself, Instagram is considered a top social channel among consumers, but among metalworkers, it ranks last in the category.  Instead, YouTube, which until a few years ago was not even considered a social platform is ranked by metalworkers as the preferred social channel when considering new products and services.  Though trade shows were ranked as #4 in preference, by metalworkers when considering new products and services, when asked "what trade shows to you attend," the response was clear.  Other than the bi-annual IMTS show in Chicago, most metal workers do not attend trade shows.

The results are presented in rank order of preference.

When looking for new products and services what media is most useful?

1. Internet Search            3. Industry Magazines     5. Direct Mail

2. Online Directories        4. Trade Shows               6. Social Media

Which Internet search engines do you use?

1. Google            2. Yahoo              3. Bing

Which social media channel do you prefer?

1. YouTube         3. Facebook       5. Instagram

2. LinkedIn          4. Twitter

What trade shows do you attend?

1. IMTS               2. Do not attend trade shows

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