Yep, that about sums it up for me.  I tend to be pragmatic about most things, but when it comes to the power and resolve of the human spirit, I am highly optimistic.  In our lifetime we have met many challenges head-on and have gotten through them, together.  The current situation is no different, we are seeing people pull together in our communities and throughout our nation, responding to an unseen threat.  There is no doubt we will emerge from this crisis stronger than before, but right now we need to work together to mitigate the effects on our way of life.

At TCI we are together in our resolve to make a difference.  Working closely with you our customers, and the manufacturing community at large we can bring urgently needed products to bear quicker than ever before.  I am sure of it.

By now we are all a couple of weeks into dealing with the new reality of living in this “COVID-19 World.”  It’s a strange time, and I hope everyone has taken time to reflect on the positive things in our lives.  The things we take for granted when all is normal.  For me, I have had more one-to-one time in the evenings and weekends with my wife and kids, which is normally hard to do with the kids’ schedules.  I have had more time to help them with their new home-studies, build Legos, draw pictures and otherwise distract them from asking to play with their friends. I am also impressed and grateful that our employees have continued to remain positive and perform day after day, without skipping a beat.  That’s the TCI way!

Our thoughts and prayers are with those afflicted, who strengthen our resolve to do more.  As a community and as a nation we are always better together.

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