With qualifying production quote, request a FREE made-to-order sample Blank, and
we will include a voucher for a FREE made-to-order pizza along with your sample.

More and more manufacturers are looking for a pizza-like ordering experience when it comes to buying parts.  They want selection, flexibility, fast replies to RFQs, and quick turnaround on finished parts.  A recent article in Modern Machine Shop dives into how today’s shops are using ecommerce to respond to this rapidly increasing demand for easy online part ordering.

This train, driven by the Internet of Things (IoT), has been gaining speed over the past couple of years.  Being on the supply side of the equation we recognized early on that we had two choices, either get off the tracks or jump onboard.  We chose the latter and have invested in retooling our equipment, processes, and technology infrastructure to serve our customers at the speed of digital.

We have added a state-of-the-art precision saw, water jet cutting machine, and more large capacity milling and grinding equipment to improve production capacity and realize better yield from raw materials, all aimed at shortening turnaround time and reducing costs for our customers.

To better support customers with short run and quick turn needs we made the decision to expand our inventory of ready-made standard size blanks, which are available through our online store in 1,700 dimensional and alloy combinations, ready to ship same day or next day.

Of course, our custom made-to-order machine-ready blanks are always available by submitting your specifications through our online RFQ or by talking to one of our experienced materials experts.

How you decide to evolve your business during these digital times is your choice, but regardless, we are ready to back you up with value-added materials designed to eliminate material prep, reduce set up time, shorten cycle time, and increase your shops capacity without adding overhead.

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