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I would like to start this month's message with our “motto of the month” right up front…
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Well, having said that let's jump right to it. It's that time again, show time. IMTS begins on Monday and TCI Precision Metals will be in the mix. If you are planning to attend the show we would appreciate you stopping by our booth to say hello.

This year we are in booth W-1267.

As production demands continue to rise and more projects are reshored, it is becoming increasingly necessary to be efficient. At TCI we are seeing a steady increase in customers trying Machine-Ready Blanks for the first time and they're sticking with them, especially for longer run production jobs. This is where the value of Machine-Ready Blanks really shines. We hear many reasons why customers use custom Machine-Ready Blanks, here are a few that stand out:

“Reduces material prep time—Machine-Ready Blanks go right from our receiving dock to our CNC machines.”
“Reduces set up time—Since every high tolerance Machine-Ready Blank is virtually identical, clamping and fixturing can be the same for every part.”
“Reduced part movement during machining process—Every Machine-Ready Blank is square, flat and stress relieved to minimize movement and improve overall quality.”
“Reduced cycle time, chip-to-chip—Bottom line, TCI Machine-Ready Blanks help us make more parts, faster.”
Whether or not you are planning to be in attendance at IMTS, I would like to invite you to have us quote your next production job. As always we would be happy to supply a custom sample blank to your exact specifications along with your quote.Enough said; thanks for listening.

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