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TCI Achieves ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C Certification

Having been certified to earlier versions of ISO and AS quality management systems for many years, in August we were granted certification to the latest revision of the ISO and AS quality management systems standards, namely ISO 9001:2008 and AS9100C.

For those of you who have been through the latest revision process and for those who are currently working their way to (re)certification, you know how difficult and time consuming it can be. But it's not about the paperwork. In fact, our system is, for all practical purposes, digital.

Thanks largely to the next generation, (that would be Ben), our system is relatively easy to navigate with a great deal of linkage between and among sections. I can say with some confidence that our third party auditor from QMI found his task easier and quicker at TCI than in other organizations that he has audited. And it's all up on our company intranet available to all users.

As everyone knows, the purpose of becoming certified and maintaining an ISO and AS quality management system registration isn't about marketing. It's about becoming a better organization. The latest revision is also helping us to be a more process-driven company and is reinforcing the need to be on a path of continuous improvement.

In the end, the real measure of our Quality is the degree to which our customers express satisfaction with our products and services through long-term business relationships. That was the case before and is even truer now.

Until next month...

-John Belzer

AS9100C leftdiv

This Month's Featured Process - Cosmetic Finishing

TCI Precision Metals offers a variety of cosmetic finishes, both in-house and with approved suppliers. Our in-house capabilities include Flat Abrasive Machining, Flattening, Deburring, Wet Deburring and Parts Washing.

Flat Abrasive Machining is ideal for producing close tolerances with superior finishes on thin parts. Even parts under .050î can be abrasive machined depending on the total abrasive area. It also provides cosmetic finishes from 60 grit to 600 grit.

Wet Deburring provides consistent, high-quality surface finishes on blanks and machined parts up to 30î wide. It eliminates jitterbug sanding, reduces grinding and polishing time, and enhances cosmetic appearance.

cosmetic finishing

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