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Increase Throughput, Minimize Waste, and Reduce Cost

On Thursday November 3rd at 2:00PM Eastern I'll be hosting a webinar with Modern Machine Shop Online talking about ways to increase throughput, minimizing waste and reduce costs. Mark Albert, Editor-in-Chief of Modern Machine Shop Magazine, will be the moderator.

By now, we've all attended a webinar or two. This is my first time presenting one and I'm looking forward to the event.

Here's the situation: As the manufacturing sector continues to improve, there are more opportunities for those shops that successfully weathered the last recession. In addition, I believe that more work will be "re-shored" due to better quality, faster lead times and increasing upward pressure on Asian costs. Add the critical shortage of skilled workers to the mix and you end up with the issue of figuring out you're going to satisfy your customers' demands while holding (or even better, increasing) your margins.

Given the challenges, we'll talk about how to increase and accelerate work through your shop, reduce costs related to procuring raw materials and machining, and grow your business without unnecessary pressure.

The Webinar promises to present useful information and strategies that will help your business and I hope that you can join us on such short notice. Click here to register.

Until Thursday...

-John Belzer


TCI Precision Metals services our customers from our single, 105,000 sq. ft. facility in Gardena, California, just 12 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It has come to our attention on many occasions that there are companies claiming to be us and actually accepting orders from our customers. If you are not working with TCI in Gardena, California, you're not working with TCI Precision Metals. If this is the case, please contact me and I will rectify the situation immediately.

This Month's Featured Process - Cosmetic Finishing

Blanchard Grinding, technically referred to as Rotary Surface Grinding, quickly removes stock from one side of a part...typically a part too large to be Double-Disc Ground. Parts as large as 48" × 84" or 60" × 72" can be Blanchard Ground on our largest machine. Dimensional tolerances to ± .001", parallelism to .001", and flatness to .001" are achievable on all our Blanchard Grinders. Using significantly greater horsepower than other grinding methods, Blanchard Grinding removes large amounts of stock quickly and efficiently.


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