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TCI Precision Metals is a mill-direct Machine-Ready Metals Distributor, proving 6061, 2024 or 7075 aluminum plate and sheet, stainless steel plate, and several other alloys; stocking over 500,000 lbs. of material for quick turn-around on customer requirements.

TCI Precision Metals Facility.2JPG

TCI Precision Metals, Gardena, California, 105,000sqft production facility.

The difference between TCI Precision Metals and other wholesale metals distributors is, we add value to every order we ship, making the material Machine-Ready.  Specialized equipment is used to cut, grind, mill, flatten, and straighten a variety of alloys much more efficiently than our customers can do it on site. The end result is close tolerance Machine-Ready Blanks that are ready to go directly from our customer’s receiving dock into their machining centers.

Custom Machine-Ready Blanks, +/-.0005” dimensionally .0002” in flatness, squareness, and parallelism.

Wholesale pricing is important to every customer; the combination of direct-from-mill sourcing and optimized processing equipment allows TCI Precision Metals to deliver close tolerance, high quality, Machine-Ready Blanks to customers at competitive wholesale prices.

Typically, Machine-Ready Blanks are square, rectangular or round stock milled to customer net specifications.  They can be furnished as close as +/-.0005” dimensionally and as close as .0002” in flatness, squareness and parallelism.  By utilizing Machine-Ready Blanks customers eliminate the need material prep operations prior to finish machining. Flatness is especially important as it eliminates the tendency for part movement during the machining process, especially with large surface area parts. Machine-Ready Blanks eliminate the need for specialized machines or tying up machines that are better served performing other operations.  Bottlenecks created by time-consuming setup and squaring operations are avoided, saving even more time. This increases shop capacity without adding overhead.

Custom Machine Ready-Blanks

(left) typical custom Machine-Ready Blank, (right) finished machined part

Wholesale Machine-Ready Blanks are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, including Standard, Custom, Dovetail, Feature-Added, and Near-Net.  The value TCI Precision Metals adds to the wholesale distribution of metals is determined by the customer, from providing Machine-Ready material to spec, to secondary operations, removing large amounts of material or adding features to solid parts or castings.  Complete-to-print components can also be produced.

Benefits of Custom Machine-Ready Blanks

  • Reduce material prep time
  • Reduce set up time
  • Reduce cycle time, chip-to-chip
  • Reduce part movement during the machining process
  • Produce more parts, faster
  • Increase capacity without adding overhead
  • Reduce bottlenecks
  • Reduce scrap
  • Improve quality


Machine-Ready Blanks in use, production machining.



Dovetail Machine-Ready Blanks made to support all 4 and 5-axis workholding fixtures and vices, including Raptor, 5th Axis, and Kurt brands.


316 Stainless 11″ Diameter
Rectangle From Round
+/- .005″ O/A

Inventory Management and Just-in-Time Delivery

Efficiency and cost savings multiply when using wholesale Machine-Ready Blanks, from TCI Precision Metals, for ongoing production jobs as the per-part savings escalates has volume increases.  As a full-service distributor, TCI Precision Metals can produce, stock and ship materials as necessary to meet ongoing just-in-time production schedules. A fully integrated ERP implementation allows for on-hand inventory reporting, automatic ordering, and collaboration of production data necessary to keep manufacturing running smoothly.

Machine-Ready Blanks are deburred, cleaned and when possible, individually packaged for shipping.

Founded in 1956, TCI Precision Metals is family-owned, serving the needs of the medical, oil & gas, aerospace, industrial equipment, defense, food packaging, semiconductor and many other industries for over 60-years.


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