Machine-Ready Blanks – Today’s Medical Developments

Custom precision blanks, ready to load directly into CNC machining centers, can increase shop throughput up to 25% and eliminate in-house sawing, grinding, flattening, squaring, and outside processing. Blanks arrive deburred, clean, and cut to customer specifications:... Read More >

Machine-Ready Blanks – Manufacturing News Magazine

TCI Precision Metals has introduced precision machine-ready blanks, including dovetail blanks.  “Machine-ready blanks from TCI Precision Metals help shops increase throughput up to 25% allowing them to ship finid parts fast and get paid quicker,” said Ben... Read More >

Feature-Added Blanks Increase Throughput

Reduces Wear and Tear on Machine Tools Feature-Added Blanks from TCI Precision Metals provide customers near-net Machine-Ready Blanks that include one or more features.  Feature-Added Blanks eliminates the need for material prep and can include drill, bore, turn,... Read More >

Rethink Production Machining

‘Those who cannot change their mind cannot change anything’ Today, many shops believe the only way to increase throughput is to invest in more capital equipment, and the resources to run it all, which further increases overhead.   Not so fast; shops that... Read More >


To perform repetitive actions until your goal is achieved. Until now, I never considered the fact that we had such a great metaphor for hard work and achieving goals right here in our own shop.  Grinding seems like such a harsh term, but by providing repetitive... Read More >

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