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In Memoriam: John Martinez

Dear Friends and Colleagues, It’s with a heavy heart that I inform you that John Martinez passed away on Tuesday, May 24th, 2016. I’ve known John my entire life, as he was with TCI for 38 years. He was a mentor, a co-worker, a family man and a friend.  I’m not sure how to fill the […]

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NTMA Japan Technology Tour

Ben and I recently had the good fortune of attending an NTMA-organized trip to Japan.  The purpose of the trip was to expand our point-of-view (outside of the U.S.) and to understand how technology is implemented in manufacturing operations in Japan.  We attended a similar trip last year in Switzerland, which was very informative and a […]

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NTMA Switzerland Visit

A Passion for All Things Precision I write this month’s blog returning from a week in Switzerland where Ben and I joined 20 other members of the National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA), 7 execs from our hosting National Associate Members and 4 NTMA staff and associates. The Associate Members hosting the event were BIG […]

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National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS)

Happy New Year, all! We can all point fingers at who is to blame for the serial closing of secondary school vocational training programs and the fact that many of our young people, with the tacit complicity of their parents, were persuaded not to pursue industrial educations. But that is all water under the under-employment […]

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Customer Survey - December 2014

We figured this month’s motto would be a shoe-in for some and maybe a point of frustration for others, either way we send our best wishes to all for the Holidays and a prosperous 2015! Like many of you, as we move forward into the new year we are faced with the task of planning. […]

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Customer Survey

Motto of the Month I must say that I’m always somewhat surprised at the number of you who comment on our mottos. Thanks for those comments and know that you, too, can have your spark of genius headlining our newsletter. Just email your submissions to me… As we continue on our path of continuous improvement […]

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Hello All, I would like to start this month's message with our “motto of the month” right up front… Well, having said that let's jump right to it. It's that time again, show time. IMTS begins on Monday and TCI Precision Metals will be in the mix. If you are planning to attend the show […]

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TCI News - Another Key Distributor, Fastenal

Motto of the Month President's Corner Adding Another Key Distributor for Our Standard Blanks Line McMaster-Carr W.W. Grainger MSC Industrial Supply Amazon ...and now Fastenal Over 50 years ago, we began offering the service of providing cut-to-size material to customers’ exact specifications. More recently, in the last 20 years were offered the opportunity to provide […]

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TCI News - Workforce Development

Motto of the Month President's Corner Winning in Workforce Development How many times have we heard shop owners complain about training their workers only to see them leave to work for other shops or even start their own businesses? If you're like me, the answer is "plenty." But what if we didn't train our machinists? […]

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Motto of the Month President's Corner The Reluctant "Politician" Back in 1994 when I was serving as the president of the LA Chapter of NTMA, I met a fairly new member during a chapter meeting/tour of the C-17 facility in Long Beach. It was pretty clear from the outset that he was a person that […]

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