Instrumentation and Avionics

Instrumentation and Avionics

Instrumentation plays a crucial role in virtually every aspect of transportation today, especially when it comes to instruments and aviation electronics (avionics) for aerospace, defense, and spaceflight. Whether it is in the manufacturing of electronic components or the installation and effective presentation of them, precision machining and fabrication play an important role. Avionics, and many other Instruments, must be manufactured with a high degree of efficiency and precision, to meet rigid aerospace and military-grade standards and timelines. Beginning every job with precision pre-machined materials from TCI Precision Metals is an excellent way to lead with quality.

AS9100C certifies our quality management, processes, and product control meet requirements specific to the aerospace community. This ensures our comprehensive quality system focuses on areas directly impacting product safety and reliability in the aerospace industry. The value to all of our customers includes documented quality management and manufacturing processes that ensure repeatable quality from part to part.

Instrumentation and avionics customers call on us for a range of products and services, including Custom Made-to-Order and standard Ready-to-Ship machine-ready blanks, Feature- Added Blanks (especially parts requiring extensive hog-outs), and Dovetail Blanks for multi-axis machining.

AS9100C certification reflects our commitment to quality, on-time delivery, and constant improvement.

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