To perform repetitive actions until your goal is achieved.

Until now, I never considered the fact that we had such a great metaphor for hard work and achieving goals right here in our own shop.  Grinding seems like such a harsh term, but by providing repetitive product quality, and consistency in the way customers, employees, and vendors are treated, the proverbial ‘daily grind’ will hone your company into something you can be proud of.

It doesn't surprise me that metalworking terms like bending, shaping, and forging are used by many companies to describe the process of creating their brand value; personally, I prefer grinding; if you are patient and good at it the results are well worth it.

Here at TCI Precision Metals, we use this double entendre quite literally to effect change upon aluminum, stainless steel, and other alloys, getting them to conform to exacting customer specifications.  Quite often this includes flattening and relieving hidden stresses that are the cause of unwanted part movement during finish machining, especially with flat material.

Expanded Grinding Services

We have expanded our grinding services to keep up with the demand for precision Machine-Ready Blanks, shipped coast-to-coast, and to maintain high service levels when grinding customer supplied material. Capabilities include Blanchard grinding, double-disc grinding, surface grinding, lapping, flattening, and straightening.  Read More...

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