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If you are looking for an immediate turnaround on tight-tolerance material, TCI has over 350 standard-size, tight-tolerance blanks in McMaster Carr's Catalog. With same-day or overnight service, McMaster Carr can get you the material you need, now, so you can get right to work.

Machine Ready Blanks end prep time and reduce setup time. Because our blanks arrive with +/-.002" tolerances on all dimensions, they load directly into your machines. TCI Machine-Ready Blanks end second fixture truing/squaring operations, simplify clamping operations, and do away with second P.O.'s on outside grinding, squaring and flattening operations.

Please visit McMaster Carr's website and search for tight-tolerance blanks, or click below to go straight to the page:

6061 Aluminum (Page 3577)
2024 Aluminum (Page 3585)
5052 Aluminum (Page 3589)
3003 Aluminum (Page 3591)
7075 Aluminum (Page 3588)
304 Stainless Steel (Page 3630)
316 Stainless Steel (Page 3637)
4140 Alloy Steel (Page 3608)

President's Corner

"A Visit from California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner"

As I write this month, I realize that many of you don't live in California and the issues that confront us here may be distant. After all, you probably have similar problems of your own wherever you may live. But even if you don't reside in the Golden State, don't stop reading just yet.

You may recall that, in my November 2009 blog in this space, I talked about the need to be actively involved politically, at least in terms of the issues that affect manufacturing and the people that work with us in our companies. Well, the people of Massachusetts got involved last month and created some real change.

The Los Angeles Chapter of the National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA) is working toward hosting as many gubernatorial candidates as possible prior to the June 8 primaries. Last week, TCI on behalf of the Los Angeles Chapter, had the privilege of hosting California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner for a Monday morning Roundtable Discussion. While giving him a personal tour of our plant I had the opportunity to talk with him about those issues which affect each of us everyday - burdensome regulations, high taxes and workers' compensation issues to name a few.

Commissioner Poizner then spoke and fielded questions from an audience of around 130 people (see the photos). He understands the issues from a business point of view and knows that we need real structural change here in California to keep business and jobs from fleeing to other states and countries. He spoke at length about his "10-10-10 Plan"and took questions on issues ranging from prisons to immigration to health care to education. In short, Steve was clear in communicating his vision that we need to bring sensible regulatory and tax policy back to this state.

There is a tremendous amount at stake in the next California election. I suspect it's no different where you live. You know what they say - things tend to start in California and work their way east. That can be bad news and it can be good news. We're determined to do what we can to encourage good, sound business-friendly policy and see that it's the latter that moves to points east.

As The Governator might say, "We'll be back!".

-John Belzer

Visit Steve Poizner's Blog to see what he had to say and view a few of his photos from the event.

This Month's Featured Process - Cosmetic Finishing

TCI Precision Metals offers a variety of cosmetic finishes, both in-house and with approved suppliers. Our in-house capabilities include Flat Abrasive Machining, Flattening, Deburring, Wet Deburring and Parts Washing.

Flat Abrasive Machining is ideal for producing close tolerances with superior finishes on thin parts. Even parts under .050î can be abrasive machined depending on the total abrasive area. It also provides cosmetic finishes from 60 grit to 600 grit.

Wet Deburring provides consistent, high-quality surface finishes on blanks and machined parts up to 30î wide. It eliminates jitterbug sanding, reduces grinding and polishing time, and enhances cosmetic appearance.

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