Added Production for Growing Popularity of Machine-Ready Blanks

TCI Precision Metals today announced the installation of a new 42” CNC double-disc grinding center.  Technology advancements built into the new machine improve overall efficiency by more than 50% compared to traditional double-disc grinders, which will help TCI Precision Metals shorten customer lead times, while maintaining close dimensional and flatness tolerances customers have come to expect from the company’s Machine-Ready Blanks.

“At TCI we pride ourselves on producing short run and production quantities of close tolerance, dimensional and flat, pre-machined blanks that are ready to go directly from receiving to finished machining. Producing machine-ready blanks that are consistently flat, square, and parallel is harder than many people think; it requires as much craftsmanship as technology to get it right.  Our new 42” CNC double-disc grinding center helps us increase efficiency and better serve our customers,” said Ben Belzer, President of TCI Precision Metals.

The new grinding center was configured by C&B Machinery, New Hudson, MI, and is built on a Gardner model, double-disc reciprocating grinding platform, complemented with the latest in machine logic and motion control automation. Upgrades include a Fanuc controller, and dual 60hp grinding spindle motors, each with operator selectable independent variable speed control, driving two 42” abrasive wheels.

Machine-Ready Blanks from TCI Precision Metals help shops shorten setup time, reduce scrap, and increase overall throughput up to 25% by eliminating material prep.

Ready-to-ship blanks can be ordered online for same-day or next-day shipping, and arrive square, flat and parallel within ± .002” of specified dimensions all around. Custom made-to-order blanks are made to customer specifications and are guaranteed as close as +/- .0005” dimensionally and as close as .002” flatness.

“A good portion of our business is producing flat blanks in various shapes and sizes.  This is attributed to the fact that we can hold tight tolerances, both dimensionally and flatness. Our production process also relieves material stress, which reduces the chance of part movement or warping during final machining, especially with thin materials,” said Belzer.

Founded in 1956, TCI Precision Metals is a family-owned, wholesale, Machine-Ready Metals Distributor, producing precision cut parts and Machine-Ready Blanks from aluminum, stainless steel, and other alloys. Sawing, Waterjet Cutting, Grinding, Milling and Finishing operations with the added benefit of being a plate and sheet distributor make TCI Precision Metals a one-stop shop for value-added metal services. TCI Precision Metals offers customers rough CNC milling and turning services when large amounts of material need to be removed or features added to solid parts or castings. Complete-to-print components can also be produced.  TCI serves the needs of the medical, oil & gas, aerospace, industrial equipment, defense, food packaging, semiconductor, and many other industries.

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