TCI Precision Metals announced Matt Erickson as Director of Sales for the Company effective immediately.  Matt brings with him extensive experience in industrial operations, sales, program management, and a customer-first management style.  

“We feel Matt is a perfect fit for TCI Precision Metals and are looking to him to provide expanded hands-on customer interaction, both in the field and through our internal sales and customer service team,” said Ben Belzer, President and COO.  

The Company continues to invest in people, equipment and processes to further extend its value to customers, by eliminating material prep and other time-consuming operations, such as hogging out or adding features that require large amounts of material removal.  With technology improvements in duplex milling, waterjet cutting, precision sawing, and grinding, TCI Precision Metals can efficiently remove more material than ever before, delivering a greater range of precision Machine-Ready Blanks.   

Founded in 1956, TCI Precision Metals is a family-owned precision manufacturer producing close tolerance Machine-Ready Blanks from aluminum, stainless steel and other alloys. Sawing, Waterjet Cutting, Grinding, Milling and Finishing operations with the added benefit of being a plate and sheet distributor make TCI Precision Metals a one stop materials source for precision Machine-Ready Blanks. TCI Precision Metals serves the needs of the medical, oil & gas, aerospace, industrial equipment, defense, food packaging, semiconductor and many other industries.

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