TCI Precision Metals adds new Doosan Puma 5100B turning center to support Machine-Ready CNC Roughing and Finish-Machining services.

In order to stay ahead of customer demand for Machine-Ready CNC Roughing and Finish-Machining of commercial aerospace components, TCI recently installed the new Puma 5100B turning center, designed for heavy and interrupted cutting, long-term high accuracy, and superior surface finishes. The new Doosan Puma 5100B has a 24” chuck and can swing 30.6”.

TCI Machine-Ready Solutions® include rough CNC milling and turning services designed for hogging out large amounts of material on solid parts, adding features, and other intermediate machining processes prior to final machining. Having TCI Precision Metals do the initial CNC prep work helps customers be more efficient by allowing them to focus on the high-value of finish machining internally while improving throughput. Rough CNC machined parts arrive at the customer’s shop ready for final machining.  Of course, TCI can also provide complete-to-print finish parts.

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