New Amada Duplex Mill Improves Efficiency, Supports Increased Demand for Machine-Ready Blanks

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TCI Precision Metals today announced the installation of its newest high tech milling machine. The new Amada, THV430 represents the pinnacle of technology and precision in duplex milling. The THV430 provides a 4X increase in throughput over traditional milling machines and will help TCI shorten customer lead time and handle increased demand for its Custom Machine-Ready Blanks™.

TCI Machine-Ready Blanks are milled in width and length using the THV430’s specially designed twin spindle in one setup instead of two. This reduces set up time and increases efficiency. One or more Machine-Ready Blanks can be produced together, up to the machines overall dimensional capacity of 16.93"W x 16.93"L x 5.91"H. The value is passed to TCI customers through shorter lead-times and competitive pricing. Quality from TCI Precision metals is a given, of course.

“At TCI we continuously refine our equipment and processes to maximize quality and efficiency. As a result, we are able to provide customers with cost effective, high value, Machine-Ready Blanks that can reduce a shop’s overall cost by as much as 25% on a given production job,” said Ben Belzer, President of TCI Precision Metals.”

Custom Machine-Ready Blanks are precision milled to the customer’s net specifications and can be furnished as close as +/-.0005” dimensionally and as close as .0002” in flatness, squareness and parallelism. Each Machine-Ready Blank is deburred, cleaned and vacuum packaged – ready to go directly from receiving into CNC machining centers. Machine-Ready Blanks eliminate material prep, reduce set up time, part movement, scrap and wear and tear on machine tool inserts and cutters used to square material in process.

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