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TCI Precision Metals Expands Grinding Services

Meets Customer Requirements for Additional Processing

TCI Precision Metals today announced the expansion of its grinding services to meet the needs of customers wanting more value-added materials processing. Customers who have traditionally sourced materials and shipped them to and from TCI Precision Metals for specific grinding requirements can now eliminate additional in-house processing, shorten materials lead times, and increase production efficiency. TCI can source materials mill-direct, precision cut oversize, then grind or mill two or six sides to close tolerance customer specifications.

The expansion of TCI value-added grinding services is made possible by the Company’s ongoing investment in high-production materials processing equipment to produce its precision machine-ready blanks. Blanks are close-tolerance materials that go directly from the customer’s receiving dock to finish machining or fabrication. By expanding the machine-ready materials processing capabilities to traditional grinding orders, customers can eliminate additional in-house processes while still having the option to source and supply the raw materials or have TCI do it.

“TCI Precision Metals has provided grinding services to manufacturers nationwide for over 70 years. As competition becomes greater and workforce development more difficult, many shops are looking for ways to do more with less. Expanding our machine-ready materials processing capabilities to our loyal grinding customers is one way we can help them maximize their business,” said Ben Belzer, President and CEO of TCI Precision Metals.

Precision Machine-Ready blanks eliminate the need for in-house sawing, grinding, flattening, and squaring operations. Each blank arrives deburred, clean, and individually packaged to avoid damage during shipping. Blanks are available in two ways: Ready-to-Ship blanks can be ordered online for same-day or next-day shipping and arrive square, flat, and parallel within ± .002” of specified dimensions all around; custom Made-to-Order blanks are made to customer specifications and are guaranteed as close as +/- .0005” dimensionally and as close as .002” flatness, squareness, and parallelism.

Founded in 1956, TCI Precision Metals is a family-owned, wholesale Machine-Ready Metals Distributor, producing precision cut parts and Machine-Ready Blanks from aluminum, stainless steel, and other alloys. Sawing, Waterjet Cutting, Grinding, Milling, and Finishing services are also available. With the added benefit of being a plate and sheet distributor, TCI Precision Metals is a one-stop shop for value-added materials. TCI serves the needs of the medical, oil & gas, aerospace, industrial equipment, defense, food packaging, semiconductor, and many other industries.

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