Highest Precision and fastest Abrasivejet Waterjet in the Industry

TCI Precision Metals today announced the installation of the new OMAX 80X waterjet machining center.  The new machine is faster and more accurate compared to any abrasive jet waterjet in the industry, which will help TCI Precision Metals shorten customer lead times, provide greater cutting efficiency, and reduce prices for the waterjet cutting services. 

 Waterjet cutting is a great choice for many applications:  it does not create heat-affected zones or mechanical stresses; there are no tool changes and minimal fixturing, which  reduces set up by 50% or more; the edge cuts are satin-smooth reducing secondary operations; and the whole process is environmentally green, with quiet, clean operation and low electrical consumption.

OMAX waterjet machining centers are recognized as being highly accurate, flexible, and efficient.  With its Tilt-A-Jet cutting head technology, the model 80X produces high precision, finished edge cuts that are square, with no edge tapper, which is a problem with many other waterjet matching centers.    With a cutting Travel of 13’4″ x 6’8″, Z-Axis Travel 8″, and overall table size of 15’0″ x 7’5″, the 80X is very versatile. 

TCI Precision Metals is now capable of waterjet cutting a wide range of materials and thicknesses, from metals and composites to glass and plastics.  As a machine-ready metals distributor with over 500,000 lbs of material in stock, including several grades of aluminum and stainless steel sheet and plate stock, as well as other alloys, TCI Precision Metals can deliver quick turnaround, coast-to-coast.

“At TCI Precision Metals we add value to every part we ship, whether we supply the material or use customer supplied stock,” said Ben Belzer, President of TCI Precision Metals.”

Founded in 1956, TCI Precision Metals is a family-owned, wholesale, Machine-Ready Metals Distributor, producing precision cut parts and Machine-Ready Blanks from aluminum, stainless steel, and other alloys. Sawing, Waterjet Cutting, Grinding, Milling and Finishing operations with the added benefit of being a plate and sheet distributor make TCI Precision Metals a one-stops shop for value-added metal services. TCI Precision Metals offers customers rough CNC milling and turning services when large amounts of material need to be removed or features added to solid parts or castings. Complete-to-print components can also be produced.  TCI serves the needs of the medical, oil & gas, aerospace, industrial equipment, defense, food packaging, semiconductor, and many other industries. 

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